Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Firearms & Ammunition

Dangerous game

We recommend calibres in the .375, .416 or .458 class.  (Most African countries have, as a general rule, a minimum legal requirement of .375 calibre, with the exception of leopard in some instances).  A low powered scope, particularly if you are not used to open sights, is advisable for everything but leopard.  For leopard we recommend a scope with strong light gathering capabilities.

Use only premium quality ammunition, softs for cats, solids for elephant, rhino and hippo and a combination of both for buffalo.  Twenty rounds of each should be adequate on a single species safari.

Plains game

Calibres in the 7mm to .30 class are adequate. A .375 will be fine as well.  A variable 3 – 9 power or a fixed 6 power scope is advisable.

Premium quality soft point ammunition, approximately 60 rounds per calibre, should be sufficient for a typical 10 -14 day safari.


A 12 or 20 gauge/bore doubled barrelled gun is advisable.  Because of volumes and weight, we suggest that ammunition be obtained locally.


Please discuss your requirements with us once a safari is booked.

For a typical 10 – 14 day general bag safari we recommend 2 rifles, e.g. a light rifle (7mm/.30 calibre) and a medium bore .375.

We have quality rifles and guns available for hire.

Please note that there are restrictions on the importation of certain types of firearms.  Please see Firearms Importation