Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Firearms Importation

South Africa

A temporary import permit is required.

We strongly suggest that you apply for the permit to be pre-issued.  PHASA offers a comprehensive service in this regard.

The cost per application is $160.  The PHASA website has detailed information in respect of the latest regulations.  We recommend that you contact them 6 weeks prior to your departure.   We will furnish them with the requisite invitation letter and liaise with both you and them during the application procedure.

You can also download the required import permit application here

Generally the following rules apply:

  • Four firearms per person.
  • One firearm per calibre.
  • No semi-automatic or fully automatic firearms.
  • Not more than 200 rounds of ammunition per calibre.
  • Ammunition must be in original packaging and be packed separately from the firearms (i.e. in checked luggage).

Please note that a permit may be issued, on good cause shown, in respect of more than one firearm per calibre or in respect of semi-automatic firearms and hunting handguns.


A temporary import permit will be issued at your port of entry. No prior application is required and the permit is free of charge.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic firearms are prohibited. Duties and/or VAT are levied on ammunition.